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Activated Carbon Absorbers

Activated carbon absorbers help remove the taste and smell of natural organic compounds from all kinds of substances. At Nichem, we design and produce activated carbon absorbers for any absorption system. We specialize in the water and waste water industry. Here are some of the key points and benefits you can expect when you work with Nichem.

What Are Activated Carbon Absorber?

Got bad smells emanating from your business premises? Is your water tasting funny? If so, it is likely down to organic compounds - synthetic or otherwise. Absorbers act as filters, which remove the natural compounds, resulting in cleaner air, or the perfect glass of water.

How do they work?

Our absorbers contain activated carbon Activated carbon - also known as activated coal or charcoal - is an effective adsorbent because it is very porous. It has millions of tiny holes that increase its surface area by a significant amount. The smallest amount of activated carbon can have a surface size of many thousands of feet. So, it is an excellent material for adsorbing contaminants from other substances, whether gas or liquid.

What organic compounds cause problems?

All kinds of compounds can cause odor or taste issues in the manufacturing process. Hydrogen sulfide and organic acids are two common examples. Aldehydes and ketones are other problem areas for many different industries. There are an enormous number of contaminants that can affect the taste of water, too. At Nichem, we work with our partners to ensure any trace of funny or strange tasting water is removed.

Which industries use them?

Nichem works with all kinds of industries to ensure they have clean water. These include water and waste water companies, engineering firms, and various OEMs. You might find activated carbon absorbers in sewage treatment works, for example. The are also used in waste transfer centers, food processing plants, and in chemical manufacturing plants.

Why choose Nichem for your activated carbon absorber?

We have many years of experience servicing all kinds of industries. We work to the highest standards available, and we are proud to have PAC, GAC, and NSF certification. We work with our partners to solve all their unique demands and specialize in granular activated carbon delivery. Whatever your needs, we are confident we can design and create the right activated carbon absorber for your needs.

Is your industrial business suffering from water taste problems? If so, you might benefit from an activated carbon absorber. Nichem has many years of experience designing and creating carbon absorber units and systems for all kinds of sectors. We have clients in the water and waste water industry. We also serve engineering firms, OEMs, and their associated subcontractors.

Our solutions are tailor made to each client. We place great importance on meetings and site visits to ensure your needs are met and are happy to talk whenever it suits you. We offer fantastic cost savings, high-quality products, and we are reliable. We guarantee to make sure you get any delivery in a timely fashion to suit your needs. Please feel free to call 973-399-9810our direct office if you have any queries.


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