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Activated Carbon Adsorption Equipment- Drums & Vessels

Are you looking for an activated carbon adsorption equipment solution? If so, Nichem can help. We have many different types of adsorption equipment, and also, design and create custom made solutions as and when you need them. Our equipment can be found all over the country, in diverse industries such as waste and waste water treatment plants.

What does adsorption equipment do?

How does adsorption equipment work? Primarily, the equipment uses activated carbon to stop tastes and smells from the industrial process. Chemicals and organic compounds will hang in the air or affect the taste of water, for example. The activated carbon in adsorption equipment helps to remove those odors and tastes.

How does activated carbon work?

Activated carbon is a microporous material, also know as activated charcoal or coal. You can get activated carbon from any material with a high carbon content. Charcoal is the obvious example, but nutshells and coconuts are other sources. Activated carbon is ideal for drawing in contaminants, such as bad odors or organic compounds. Because it contains millions of tiny holes per gram, it has an enormous surface area. A single gram, for example, would be thousands of feet in diameter if you stretched it out. It makes it the perfect solution for trapping organic compounds that affect the taste of water - or the gasses that can cause odors.

Choosing the right adsorption equipment

Activated carbon adsorption equipment can come in all shapes and sizes. You best bet is to contact Nichem, and we will talk through your specifications with you. We will design and create the perfect solution for you if needed, and send you samples to make sure you are happy. Our teams work tirelessly to work with you and find the perfect solution for your needs. You might need activated carbon drums, for example. Or, perhaps your business could benefit from activated carbon vessels.

Activated carbon drums

Activated carbon drums are a simple solution for all kinds of industry. They are easy to set up, store, and use in any business. If you are looking for rapid delivery and a quick resolution for your problems, carbon drums might be your perfect answer. You can use the drums for chlorine removal, for example, or cleaning food and beverage water. You can also use the drums to clean and purify wastewater, or chemical compound applications. There are dozens of uses for activated carbon drums, so contact us for specifications and a quote.

Activated carbon vessels

Activated carbon vessels remove organic compounds that have contaminated water sources. Theses compounds can affect the taste of water, and ití»s important to remove them. The carbon vessels help to adsorb the compounds, and they act as a kind of filter. Vessels are installed in series, to ensure the ultimate cleanliness. Once one carbon unit is í«fullí» another takes its place, making the process as efficient as possible.

If you need help finding the perfect activated carbon adsorption equipment solution, please give us a call. We will work with you to ensure we meet every one of your needs.


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